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Korg Digital Pianos

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Top Korg Digital Pianos for Sale!

korg digital pianos for sale

Korg LP-380 73-Key Digital Piano (Orange/Black)

Korg is a Japanese corporation that makes several electronic musical equipment including digital pianos.
Korg pianos are among the best digital piano lines for beginners and advanced pianos players and they sound great and feel realistic.

They are usually slim, stylish and compact in size as well, and you can even get one in orange, just like in the picture! 🙂

The 73 keys are carefully weighted, to simulate the feel of a grand piano, and the sound is very rich and dynamic.
(The weighting of the keys is actually one of its distinguished characteristics and it is what makes some intermediate and advanced players choose a Korg digital piano over other brands.)

*This one in the picture is the Korg LP-380 in orange and black and it is obviously a great-looking digital piano!
It has a real weighted hammer action 3 keyboard and the sound is very rich! (To have one in your living-room soon just click on its picture above.)

*Here is a great demonstration of the black Korg LP-380!
Notice how rich and dynamic the sound is!

Best Korg Digital Pianos to Buy!

Korg B1 Digital Piano Bundle

Korg Digital Piano Bundle

Korg B1 Digital Piano Bundle

When buying your first digital piano, I usually always recommend getting a ‘bundle’, since they come with the piano bench, stand, sustain pedal and a piano book.

The Korg pianos also look very nice too and will blend nicely in any room you decide to place it.

The keyboard feels very authentic almost like a real grand piano, thanks to the natural weighted hammer action.
(Even though a beginner might not notice this at first, I think it’s important to start them off on a digital pianos that will feel as realistic as a real acoustic piano as possible, so they will not feel a huge difference when and if they decide to get a real piano down the line…)

Korg SP280BK Full Size 88-Key Digital Piano with Stand, Pedal and Headphones

Great Korg Digital Piano for Teenagers!

Cool Digital Piano for Teenagers

Great Digital Piano for Teenagers

If you are looking for a portable and lightweight full-size digital piano to give your teen boy so he can ‘jam’ with his friends, then I would really recommend getting him this Korg SP-280 digital piano!

It has excellent built-in speakers that will get as loud as necessary for a serious jam session! 🙂

This Korg piano has the best acoustic piano sounds, and it is one of the main reasons piano players buy one.
You are also still getting the excellent weighted keys, one of Korg’s finest features!

*Korg SP-280 Digital Piano – Great Acoustic and Electric Piano Performance Video!

Affordable Korg SP170SBK 88 Key Digital Piano Keyboard Black

Korg SP170SBK 88 Key Digital Piano Keyboard Black

Korg SP170SBK 88 Key Digital Piano Keyboard Black

Here is one of the most affordable Korg digital pianos for sale!
(Great to give as a birthday or Christmas gift to your teen boy or girl!)

*I suggest you also buy the sustain pedal, and the padded keyboard bench to make your bundle complete!

The Korg SP-170 is cheaper than the its ‘brother’, the Korg LP-380 mostly because of the weighted hammer action, which has been improved in the LP-380, and the number of sounds. (The LP-180 has 10 sounds and the LP-380 has 30 sounds.)
(But it still has a great natural weighted hammer action and it is perfect for any beginner piano student!)

*Usually piano beginners will only need the ‘regular’ natural piano sound.
Later on, when they become more experienced players they can use other sounds, of course, but I only use the piano sound when teaching.

Overall it is an excellent Korg digital piano keyboard for the price!

(I usually prefer digital pianos that come with the the real piano looking stand, but they do increase the price of the electronic pianos, of course.)
It is also very portable and lightweight!

It is also a great choice for any piano beginner student and the only ‘cons’ about this Korg piano is that it doesn’t have a metronome, a recorder or USB port.
Other than that it has great sounds, including electric piano sounds, organs, strings and harpsichord and it has the natural weighted hammer action as well.
The two built-in speakers are also pretty good, at 9 watts and it also has two headphone outputs, which is always a nice plus! 🙂

*Korg SP170S Digital Piano Review by a Piano Teacher!
(You will be pleasantly surprised with the sound quality!)

Korg B1SP 88-Key Digital Piano, in White!

white korg digital piano

Korg B1SP 88 Weighted Key Digital Piano White

I couldn’t resist showing you one of my favorite Korg digital pianos (besides the gorgeous orange one you saw all the way up!)
The WHITE one!
I gotta admit I have a ‘thing’ for white pianos and one of my dreams is to own a beautiful white grand piano one day! 🙂

The price is not bag either!
It is a gorgeous white digital piano!
Guess what? It also includes a beautiful matching white piano bench, piano pedals and a piano book!

*I hope you were able to choose the best Korg digital piano for you here today! 🙂
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