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Best Toddler Pianos

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What are the Best Toddler Pianos?

best toddler pianos

Best Toddler Pianos

Are you looking for a good toddler piano?
The gift of music is one of the best gifts you can ever give your children!
Music has the power to improve a child’s intelligence and life’s skills, did you know that?
Music makes life better!

When choosing the right toy piano for a toddler, you have to consider getting something small and fun.
Big pianos will most certainly overwhelm your little one and might make him lose interest in playing later on.

Schoenhut 25 Key Dog Piano Pal (Red)

(*Look at that!!
A dog baby piano!!
Your child is going to love this one!!
The color is amazing too!!)

The best toy pianos for toddlers and small children in general are the ones with a great sound quality while still looking fun and appealing!

I am a piano teacher and for the little ones I always recommend fun and colorful toy pianos and after they are 6 or 7 years old, you can start them on a regular acoustic piano or full digital piano.
Here are the best toddler pianos I’ve seen so far!
(These also make great and unique gift ideas for your grandchildren!)

The Cutest Toddler Pianos!

Melissa & Doug Learn-To-Play Piano

cute piano for toddlers

Melissa & Doug Learn-To-Play Piano

Melissa & Doug Learn-To-Play Piano

How about giving your child one of the best gifts ever?
A musical gift!
Give your child a toy piano or keyboard!

Introduce your little ones to music as early as possible!
Music is the best gift any parent can give a child!
By giving your child a toy piano or a toy keyboard, you will open a magical door that will change their lives forever!

A child that plays with a musical toy, especially a toy piano from a very young age, will develop his intelligence and talents fast!

I teach piano and I always advise my students to buy fun and colorful kid pianos for their toddlers, because it is one of the best educational musical toys!

This fun and colorful toddler piano is one of the most popular toy pianos on the market!
Parents love to buy this cute piano for their little ones because besides being very affordable, it is very durable and a lot of fun to play!

Schoenhut Toddler Piano

Schoenhut 37 Keys Durable Piano for Toddlers

durable toddler pianos

Durable Toddler Piano

Schoenhut 37 Key Day Care Durable with Bench (Oak)

Schoenhut is one of the best toy piano brands out there!
They make fun and attractive toy pianos for kids and toddlers!

This is a beautiful toddler piano, perfect for your child’s bedroom or even day care center!
It has 37 keys, sounds great and it is very durable!
Durable and sturdy enough to have in a day care center or play room as well!
It plays lovely and beautiful chime-like notes, to spark the kids interest in making music!
It has a “realistic” look, but it is conveniently small, not to overwhelm the little ones.
Thumbs up!!

Gorgeous Toy Grand Piano!

Schoenhut Fancy Baby Grand Piano for Kids!

Schoenhut Fancy Baby Grand Piano

Schoenhut Fancy Baby Grand Piano

Schoenhut Fancy Baby Grand Piano

The best toy pianos for kids need to be durable, cute and produce a great sound!

This cute baby grand toy piano is made of solid wood, it has full size keys and it comes with a fun and colorful removable key guide, matching bench and song cards!
Happy buyers say it is the perfect kid’s piano for 3 year olds!

White Baby Grand Piano for Toddlers

Toddler White Baby Grand Piano

white grand piano for kids

White Grand Piano for Kids

Schoenhut 37 Key Elite Baby Grand with Bench

How about this awesome white baby grand for toddlers?
It is very affordable and durable!
It is suitable for children ages 2 to 9 years old!
It comes with a book with simple songs where you follow colors for notes!
Lots of fun!

Schoenhut 30 Key Fancy Baby Grand with Bench

Gorgeous Red Baby Grand!

30 Key Fancy Baby Grand

30 Key Fancy Baby Grand

Schoenhut 30 Key Fancy Baby Grand with Bench

I bet your child will want to play this gorgeous red baby grand piano everyday!
It has 30 full-sized keys and the lovely chime-like tones that children love to play!

Beautiful White Piano for Toddler

White Toddler Piano

White Toddler Piano

Schoenhut 37 Key Day Care Durable with Bench (White)

This is a gorgeous white piano for toddlers!
It is fun, educational, beautiful and the notes sound like chimes, to keep the little ones interested!

Built of solid maple and one-half inch birch plywood, it is very durable and hopefully will spark your little one’s desire to continue his piano studies!
Give your toddler the gift of music!

It looks very professional and will not overwhelm the little ones.
It is small and comfortable enough for toddlers to start their new music career!

Cute 25 Key Pink Horse Piano

cute pink horse piano

Schoenhut 25 Key Pink Piano Pals Horse w/ Bench

Schoenhut 25 Key Piano Pals Horse w/ Bench

What a cute pink horse piano for 2 and 3 year old girls!!
It’s adorable!
This cute toy piano is very comfortable and easy to use!
It is perfect for toddlers because it sits safely and squarely on the floor or on a table within easy reach of little hands.

*Even adults can play on this cute pink horse toddler piano!
I love the magical sound!

Melissa & Doug Grand Piano for Toddlers!

Melissa & Doug Grand Piano

Melissa & Doug Grand Piano

Melissa & Doug Grand Piano

Can you see your little girl or little boy sitting at this cute grand piano for toddlers?
I bet you can!

It has a beautiful polished finish and it looks just like mommy’s piano, doesn’t it?
Perfect for kids ages 2 to 5!
What a wonderful gift idea too!

*Toddler Girl Playing her Beautiful Black Piano for the First Time!
I guess this is how it all starts!
Passion for music being born!

KidiJamz Studio Fun Child Keyboard!

Best Toy Keyboard For your future rock star!!

fun child keyboard

VTech – KidiJamz Studio Child Keyboard

VTech – KidiJamz Studio Child Keyboard

Kids can rock to their own beat with Kidijamz!
They can record their own songs and music and play it back afterwords!
How awesome is that?
This cool music station for kids will keep your future musician busy for hours!
It also has a cool light-up keyboard that teaches kids how to play fun songs! 🙂

*Omg, you gotta see this!!
Toddler Boy Jamming!

This toddler boy started jamming right away when he got his new VTech – KidiJamz Studio for Christmas!
This is awesome!

Very Cool Toy Keyboard for Toddlers!

Fun Toy Keyboard Play Set for Kids Ages 2 to 6 Years Old!

Cool Toy Keyboard for Toddlers

Cool Toy Keyboard for Toddlers

Fun Party Voice Synthesizer Children’s Musical Instrument Toy Keyboard Play Set

This cool and colorful fun toy keyboard is the complete deal!
It has a cool microphone, a cute stool and kids can record and playback their music too!
They can also sing along using the fun microphone while they play! 🙂
It has several instruments and sound buttons, including fun animal sounds too!
(The little ones LOVE this feature!)

Watch your toddler perform on this cute keyboard like a professional!
(Don’t forget to film him or her to show them when they are older!)
Let your child be the center of attention with this electronic toy keyboard!
And let the good times roll!!!

How should I encourage my child to play the piano?

How old should kids start taking piano lessons?

Cute Wooden Toy Piano

Cute Wooden Toy Piano

My passion for music started at a very early age…
I was 1 year old when I started singing and playing instruments.
I had a wooden flute, a xylophone, a toy piano, harmonica, toy guitar and drums.

The best way to encourage young children to want to play any instrument is by giving them musical toys!
Take a few minutes a day to sit down with them in their bedroom and play music together!
They love that!

As far as music lessons, I would wait until they are in first grade.
Don’t rush them.
First get them excited about music!
Piano lessons come later.

I played music by ear my whole life until I was in my early 20′s.
That’s when I went to music school…
But the most important advice I can give you is this:
NEVER make your children play if they don’t want!
They might not want when they are very young, but later in life they might decide to play an instrument…

Boikido My Wooden Piano

*This is a cute and fun wooden toy piano for your baby!
Perfect for one and two year olds to play!
Get those cute chubby baby fingers active on this colorful piano soon!
Have fun! 🙂